Monday, May 21, 2012

Fear and Courage

This past week has been filled with emotion: fear of going into an invironment that is totally new and completely out of my comfort zone, sadness of leaving my new family and friends in Virginia Beach, and the excitement of starting to see God opening doors with things that excite me (adoption/ foster care work). I spent the week packing up my apartment and moving it to Bethesda, Maryland, which is where I'll be staying for the next 3.5 months while I working in D.C. I moved in yesterday and set up my new place, complete with one plastic 3-drawer container, a blow up matress, and a plastic bin! Welcome to missionary training?! I got creative and it looks like home for now. I took the metro this morning and found my job, and now i'm sitting at a Starbucks across from the Capitol! D.C. is definately a city for professionals, which is a part of the fear of coming here. I don't see myself as a city dweller and feel a bit out of place. I keep being reminded of Abraham who picked up everything he had and left and wandered for about 10 years. I only have 3 months! I'm kind of a wimp; so, it's a good thing I was reading about faith this morning. Satan tempted Jesus in Matthew 4, and Jesus never asked for a sign or a miracle. He fought Satan and the temptation to sin with the word of God alone. So often I ask for God to give me a sign that He is present and working. God is still powerful and already at work at the Congressional Coalition for Adoption Institute (my internship). He has already paved the path and it is set. I plan to take the advice God gave Joshua and be strong and very courageous for the Lord is help rock and my salvation, my fortress in times of trouble (or fright). Although I am anxious, I am excited to see what God will do here in Washington D.C.

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  1. Not a law student by any means, yet I have subscribed to one Immigration Law Review Journal and have read many online articles covering Law in general (Is that God calling me to study law?). I am a Pentecostal Christian working for CCA Eloy Detention Center just outside of Eloy, AZ...I just wanted to hit the 'like' button next to your latest post (too much Facebook). Following God always challenge's one's faith. I commend you as you embark wherever the LORD leads while working through you by use of your acquired skills;--Law and Hospitality. Keep your head high and go forward in the power of HIS Spirit. --Natividad Patena Jr.